Quantum Break comes to Steam, doesn’t support DX12

Quantum Break is finally out on Steam. Though if you’re looking to play with the latest graphical enhancements, you may feel a bit left out.

Reddit users noticed that the Steam version only runs in DirectX 11 mode. Meanwhile, the version on the Windows Store is still a DirectX 12 exclusive.

This may or may not be a big deal depending on your setup. Benchmarks have show that Quantum Break runs much better on Nvidia cards in DX11 mode than it does for AMD’s. While running in DX12, the opposite is true.

Microsoft has not offered an explanation. In the meantime, AMD users may want to purchase Quantum Break off the Windows Store.

DirectX 12 and Quantum Break were originally Windows 10 exclusives. The game was later ported to Windows 7 and 8 after a tepid reception. 

Image via Steam Store, used under fair use. 

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