MMNTech began as a hobby way back in 2007. Yes, hard to believe how long ago that is now. Scary, isn’t it. The PS3 was still an expensive mess, gaming on PC was utter hell due to new DRM measures, and the iPhone didn’t even exist! I started talking about PSP, reviewed a few games, took a long break, then turned it into a proper website. Welcome to the new The elements of gadgets and gaming.


Q: Can you review my gadget/game?
A: Depends. Contact me on Twitter. I review things as I see them and call a spade a spade. I don’t do paid reviews. You agree that sending me your product, it may get a bad review if I genuinely feel it’s bad. I will not respond to threats to take down anything posted on here.

Q: What consoles do you game on?

A: Many, PC and PlayStation primarily. Occasionally Nintendo. 

Q: So you’re a Playstation fanboy?
A: Not really. I don’t own an Xbox because I have a Windows gaming PC. There’s two much overlap in their respective libraries to financially justify owning both.

Q: What’s your gaming PC specs like?
A: AMD Phenom II X4 3.2ghz, 8gb DDR2, Dual Radeon 6850s 1GB in CrossfireX, Windows 7. Getting a bit dated but still handles everything recent.

Q: How can I contact you? I promise I’m not not a stalker…
A: Twitter’s the best way to contact me. @mmntech

Q: Why do you moderate comments? / Why didn’t you accept my comment?
A: Gotta cover my own butt. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your grandmother, don’t post it here. Any comments containing racism, advertising, excessive profanity, sexual content, links to offensive content, malware, warez, or libelous statements will be automatically deleted.

Q: Can I write an article for your site?
A: I’d rather post excepts and link to your own blog. I can’t pay for articles at the moment, nor do I want to get involved in copyright disputes. However, if you’ve got a great article on your own site, I’ll gladly give it a mention.

Q: Why do your old posts suck?
A: Yes, yes they do. A lot of the old stuff dates back to before I learned how to write in a journalistic style. The old ones are like mini essays.


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