No Man’s Sky being investigated by Advertising Standards Authority

The Advertising Standards Authority confirmed that it has launched an investigation into No Man’s Sky.

Regulators told Eurogamer they have received “several complaints about the game.

The ASA can pull any ads that it feels violate its code of conduct. Advertisers who refuse to comply can be subject to sanctions. 

The investigation is ongoing, but a post on Reddit reveals a long list of complaints. Developer Sean Murray stands accused of lying about No Man’s Sky’s features in order to boost hype ahead of launch.

The investigation is currently targeting the Steam Store page, which includes information gamers allege is misleading. 

Hello Games has not made any statements about the games or ongoing complaints. No Man’s Sky’s social media accounts have remained silent for nearly two months now. Gamers are not likely to get answers any time soon.

Image via Steam Store, used under fair use


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